Knifex Texture Pack
Made Using:
Stay True
by haimcyfly
Plus a handful of my own edits; check README.txt for more details
    COMING NEXT (by priority):
  • Fixing the missing top of TNT texture
  • Fixing Brown mooshroom's mushrooms (probably the red one to)
  • Removing bedrock + enderdragon egg texture (to dark)
  • Soften flower color variants
Original Content
My Modpack
Shaffer Datapack
Everything from our pack comes from VanillaTweaks. Our pack includes:

  • Armor stand statues: allows you to pose armor stands, but also make item frames invisible!
  • Multiplayer sleep: better managnent of the sleeping system
  • Track statistics + track raw statistics: adds 100+ scoreboards to look at and boast about
  • Silence mob: i cant keep having them drop dirt in my house
  • Anti endeman griefAllows you to pose armor stands, but also make item frames invisible!
  • More mob heads: allows all mobs to occasionally drop their heads! (does not influence the vanilla head drop rates)
  • Player head drops: murdering your friends will now give u their head :)
  • Wandering trades: allows traveling merchants to sell miniblocks! (mechanically they're player heads with block textures)
  • Timber: allows you to cut the whole tree by just cutting the bottom. it WILL use axe durability as if you've cut the whole tree.
  • Dragon Drops: dragon drops an elytra and a dragon egg every time you kill it.
  • Cauldron Concrete: drop concrete powder blocks in a full cauldron instead of putting them down in water one by one
  • More stairs : crafts 8 stairs which is the correct amount of stairs (instead of 6)
  • More Trapdoors: crafts 12 trapdoors instead of like 2
  • Unpackable Ice + Unpackable Nether Wart: self explanatory