Wizadly Wayfare of the Wandering Wagon Wonders

The Wizadly Wayfare of the Wandering Wagon Wonders has done only a few shows, 5-12. They've been pretty successful so far, but they arent yet well known; They're advertizing as a magical place where anyone can go on an adventure; The show itself tells a story, taking the audience though what they hear adventurers go through. It's a bit abstract, and the props lack a bit of luster, but we'll get there! And you know what they say, it's all about performance!

Maestro (he/him) Ringmaster
Also deals with management. Is a smooth talker, has a knee injury and is very good at business
Seems to have quit adventuring due to his injury, money doesnt feel like an issue for him, has a lot of friends.
Kalliste (she/her) Fire Bender
Also does dance and martial arts. Is very beautiful, blunt and quiet
Uses a bo staff as her main weapon
Character + Art by ZAEC
Lefyr Salleth (he/him) Knife thrower
Also plays the lute/flute/lyre & works in suspension tricks. Is Arrogant, charming and passionate
Always give the impression that he is charming people he talks to. But it is just the ways he does talk. Likes to steal stuff from people, mainly when he presents himself to someone. He likes to wear ostentatious clothes that are revealing and flashy, sometimes with sunglasses when it’s too sunny as his eyes arent used to the sun at all. Lefyrs Caravan is lead by black horses.
Character + Art by petiteviande
Bravado (she/they) Equilibrist
Also does illusion spells. Is outgoing, obnoxious and rarely thinks before acting.
Comes from a little fishing village up north and it shows. Likes to works a lot on costumes, props and decor for shows. Her caravan is pulled by a moose
Elga (she/her) Strongwoman
Also does maintenance and cooking. Is Huge (8ft2) + large like a wall, Very strong and simple minded
she is a very strong gal from the far mountains. She does speak commun with a strong giant accent. She writes, but most of the times she is makings errors and writes letters in the wrong way. She does not know how to read and counts no more then 10 (reminders of her 8 in Intelligence). She prefer tents to caravans as it’s like home in the mountains
Character + Art by petiteviande
Onyx (she/her) Tarot Reader
Also does costumes, maintenance and cleaning. Has big doe eyes, love birds better then humanity at large and has a very small stature.
She has a very soft personality, likes to paint and draw, and even made her own tarot cards
Character + Art by petiteviande